Are Bananas Good for Weight loss?

Bananas are great source of fiber and starch, both these help in losing body weight. Bananas are low energy highly nutritious food which support losing pounds. Bananas can make you gain weight or lose weight but you need to set your calories intake goals.

Is Banana good for Weight gain or weight loss?

Whether you lose weight or gain weight, it all depends on the quantity of banana you eat daily. If you eat lots of banana along with your regular meals then you will definitely gain weight but if you eat small amount of bananas daily then you will be able to lose weight.

Calorie count in bananas:

A single banana has 108 calories so it means that bananas have moderate amount of calories. These calories work best in a diet plan but you need to set the daily calorie goal. If you are unsure of calories in your daily diet then you need to keep track of everything you eat. The best way is to lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight every week. When you will do this, you get motivated with every passing week. You should never consume more than 1000 calories so in this you can add bananas into your diet. You can eat bananas as a snack as they are rich source of minerals and vitamins. Bananas contain pectin, which makes you feel fuller for longer duration of time. This makes banana an ideal food for weight loss. According to the research eating bananas control increasing sugar levels in the blood so it makes bananas perfect food for weight loss as it satisfies sweet tooth.

Bananas good for Weight loss

Fiber and Starch in Bananas:

Banana contains resistant starch and fiber which actually support weight loss. The fiber and starch content in banana aid in the process of digestion. A full size banana contains 4 gram of fiber so it helps in daily intake of fiber by health experts. Many of us still don’t know the importance of fiber for weight loss. Let’s take an example of white bread and brown bread. When we take white bread then we feel hunger after a few hours because it is quickly digested. On the other side, when we take same quantity of brown bread, then we don’t feel hungry after a few hours because brown bread is slowly digestion. Whole grain food contains fiber and fiber aids in weight loss. Bananas do contain fiber so they help in losing quality weight. Starches found in bananas are complex carbohydrates which provide energy. In bananas, there is resistant starch which is incompletely digested. Green bananas give you few calories as compared to full ripe bananas.

Bananas support weight loss:

Banana is low energy food with fewer calories and rich source of minerals and fiber. As it is low energy dense fruit so you can eat it more and it will promote weight loss. You will not feel hungry for the longest time so it eventually supports weight loss. If you really want to know more about weight loss method using bananas then click here for more details.

Why Princess Cut Diamond Rings Considered Crown of Every Royal Bride

When it comes to Royal theme weddings, anybody could imagine the Royal interior settings with all the prestige and glam. The ravishing wedding dress of her dreams usually a ball gown that will captivate everyone while she is heading towards the venue.There is only one type of jewelry that will melt the heart of the princess bride straightaway. Obviously, that is not a glittery and sparkling Crown but a Diamond Jewelry which is the most integral ornament that she cannot imagine her Princess Bridal Look without a stunning Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Why Choosing Princess Cut Diamonds:

The princess cut is one of the most trendy and stylish diamond cuts. This is amazing because the pointed corners and surfaces of the square shaped diamonds reflect light. This is one of the most economical cuts regarding reduced waste during stone cutting, two princess cut diamonds can be obtained from a single raw stone and this efficiency often shown through more economical price tags.

This cut is designed to gain most reliable brilliance from the raw stone, the princess reduce is matchless amongst other square cuts in phrases of light reflection from the edges and has received reputation via combining the brilliance of a spherical cut with the smooth angles of a square shape.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Significance of  Princess Cut Diamonds:

A quite new diamond cut was introduced during the 1980s which quickly gained the popularity as a fabulous alternative to traditional round cuts and cushion cuts, further, boost its significance due to its suitability for almost all style of Rings but specifically its compatibility with Princess Cut Diamond Rings. Princess cut also gives the self-esteem and pride for being of greater size due to the shape of their edges and 15% larger diameter than round stone of the same mass.

The princess cut diamonds features clean lines and sleek edges make this a specifically gratifying shape for the ladies having beautiful long fingers. Although the setting of stones should always be made to protect the corners of finished diamond which might be disposed to a fragmentation which may be justified by the placement of colored gemstones around the central Princess Cut Diamond.

Selection of  Stone:

World’s top jewellery designers recommend colors and  clarity of different famous stones like SI1, I and H for Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Selection of  Metal:

The princess bride has to keep in mind while matching her wedding ring with her bridal dress that silver is universal so the 14K white gold is best that ever could be recommended. In case you opt for yellow-gold diamond ornaments, make sure that everything fits perfectly with your bridal outfit before your special day.

Stones Arrangement on the Ring:

Below are the few best-recommended design arrangements of Princess Cut Diamond Rings with gratifying colored gemstones around;

  • For the best attire and outlook, A trio of princess-cut diamonds has been hand-selected to match a diamond ring beautifully.
  • Another Victorian era ring may feature across prong set princess cut center diamond side with two more princess cut colored sapphire gemstones.
  • The ring is supplemented further by a series of floating set round diamonds and colored sapphire gemstones placed alternatively to cover the entire top fraction of the elegant ring band.